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Most Reliable Pressure Washer You Must Choose 


One does not clearly walk into a supermarket and buy a pressure washer. There are so many variables, PSI – pounds per square inch, GPM – gallons per minute, the power source – electric or gasoline, pumps, hose and nozzle, weight, tires, and finally, cost. But worry not, we have reviewed dozens of pressure washers in the market and have made considerations for every variable listed above to bring you the best in class. After going through this piece, we hope that buying a pressure washer is going to be a stroll in the park.  Especially if you are a plasterer Sydney.

1# Briggs & Stratton Gas Pressure Washer

Is It Good Idea To Use Clorox in Your Pressure Washer?


Clorox is a bleach brand which was the first commercial-scale liquid breach in the US market. You might be tempted to use Clorox or any other bleach along with your pressure washer; however, it is a big no because it is corrosive to the metallic parts of a pressure washer.

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Why bleach is a big NO

While bleach can effectively get rid of mildew and mould from the surface to be cleaned, but the main ingredient in bleaches is sodium hypochlorite which causes corrosion in metals. A pressure washer houses several metallic components like the water pump through which people would draw the solution, which the corrosive nature of bleach

Definitive Guide to the Best Industrial Pressure Washer


What drives innovation is a need. Cleanliness, a basic need has extended way beyond personal cleanliness, especially in 2020. We are living in a time when in where is a necessity to clean large areas effectively and efficiently. Additionally, the task itself has become much more challenging as well. But thankfully, modern problems come with modern solutions through creative innovations, like the industrial pressure washers which spray highly pressurized water to surfaces to clean even the most stubborn stains. 

We will discuss the best industrial pressure washers and the features which make them truly shine. We have researched extensively to provide you with this list so you can easily and