Is It Good Idea To Use Clorox in Your Pressure Washer?

Clorox is a bleach brand which was the first commercial-scale liquid breach in the US market. You might be tempted to use Clorox or any other bleach along with your pressure washer; however, it is a big no because it is corrosive to the metallic parts of a pressure washer.

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Why bleach is a big NO

While bleach can effectively get rid of mildew and mould from the surface to be cleaned, but the main ingredient in bleaches is sodium hypochlorite which causes corrosion in metals. A pressure washer houses several metallic components like the water pump through which people would draw the solution, which the corrosive nature of bleach can easily damage.

The breakage is not limited to just the machine when a pressure washer sprays, it releases millions of tiny particles of whatever it is spraying, be it water, bleach, or a mixture of the two. It is a dangerous chemical, and you want to make sure you don’t end up breathing it in. 

Detergents, a much safer alternative

Netherless, that does not mean that all of the cleaning chemicals are bad for the pressure washer.  

Shaving is an interesting analogy. Say you are looking for a shave using only water. It will still work, but you may be left with a burning feel and probably a couple of nicks. However, if you use shaving cream, the experience gets that much more pleasant.

Comparing with pressure washers, using just water is akin to shaving with just water as a lubricant. It will still perform, but it might not be overly effective in some cases. But what to do? We have already established that using bleach is harmful, except in meticulously controlled amounts. The answer is milder cleaning chemicals like detergents which are much safer for the machine. 

What makes the job easier is that some of the pressure washers come with a dedicated detergent tank. The tank is connected to the pump with water, spraying a mixture of the two through the spray gun. Even with the detergent tanks, it is not safe to put harsh cleaning chemicals into the tank. 

If you have to use bleach, then simply apply it manually with a brush. Let it settle down for a few minutes and then gently rinse it all away before using the pressure washer. 

Injecting cleaning chemicals from an On-Board Detergent Tank

Coming back to the models of pressure washers that feature on-board detergent tanks. They are convenient because you can use the detergent at the flip of a switch. For those that don’t come with a detergent tank, it is still possible to mix it up with detergent, but it requires some effort. You would have to use a siphoning hose to extract the cleaning chemical from a bucket. 

On the other hand, the On-board detergent tanks make things much more mobile. You can quickly move around without having to move the bucket all the time.